Tammy Poff, Inside Sales

Hi! My name is Tammy Poff and I started with Lucas Metals in 1987. My first job with Lucas was in a clerical capacity. I did a little bit of everything even sales when no one else was around. When Pennsylvania Steel bought Lucas Metals in 1997, my new boss, Lee Kushman decided I should move on to the sales department. I agreed and have spent almost 20 years in inside sales. I love my customers and have a great relationship with them. Sometimes they know me better than my family. I have a full personal life with two grown children Andrea and Ryan who now have children of their own. The role of mother and grandmother is important to me. I enjoy every minute of watching my kids and grandkids enjoy their lives and assisting where I can. I’m very happy with the balance and success I have achieved in my life both at work and at home. I’m grateful for the opportunity that Pennsylvania Steel has provided and the wonderful life I have as a result. I wish everyone in the company the good fortune I have had from a company that rewards hard work and a diligent effort. Thank you to my superiors for having faith in me and to my co-workers for being such great people to be around. My view is that our sales team is the best.
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