Stainless Steel

For the past 50 years, Pennsylvania Steel Company has produced and supplied quality stainless steel products across the eastern United States. We stock a complete selection of round stainless steel bars in 300 series, 400 series, and PH grades. We also offer angle and flat bars in type 304. In addition, we carry sheets in #2 and #4 finishes in T304/304LE. Choose from one of our stainless steel suppliers in Pennsylvania, Bethpage, NY, Naugatuck, CT, Cleveland, OH, Stanley, NC, or Ashland, VA. Feel free to contact us online or give one of our distributors a call to receive a custom quote for your stainless steel needs.

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a versatile mixture of iron and chromium known for its anti-corrosion and anti-stain properties. Depending on the grade of the product and additional materials added to the alloy, stainless steel can also be heat and fire-resistant which is why it’s so common in kitchen supplies. Stainless steel is low maintenance, and quite versatile and can be rolled into plates, bars, sheets, wire, or tubing, or used to create cookware, appliances, vehicles, and so much more.

Stainless steel coiled wire

Common Uses of
Stainless Steel

Most people associate stainless steel with the culinary industry. That’s because it’s commonly made into pans, utensils, appliances, and shelves you’re bound to see in a kitchen. Stainless steel is popular for the culinary industry and many other industries due to its anti-corrosive and anti-stain properties. Explore some of the common uses of stainless steel broken into two grades: 300 series and 400 series.

Stainless Steel 300 Series

Stainless Steel 400 Series

Stainless steel tubes polished

Stainless Steel Grades
and Style Guide

Stainless steel can come in over 150 grades but at Pennsylvania Steel, we carry grade 300 and grade 400.

Grade 300 is austenitic chromium and nickel alloy, making it the most corrosion-resistant stainless steel available. This attribute, along with its nonmagnetic and heat resistant qualities, also makes it one of the most commonly used stainless steel forms.

Grade 400 stainless steel can be both a ferritic or martensitic chromium alloy, meaning it is less resistant to corrosion but can come in magnetic or non-magnetic forms. Ferritic stainless steel is highly heat resistant, while martensitic can be hardened and crafted into objects.

Stocked Products

We stock a complete selection of stainless steel round bars in 300 series, 400 series, and PH grades. We also carry stainless steel angles and flat bars in type 304.

Stainless Steel

Flats (S.E. & True Bar)
Sheet # 2 Finish
Sheet # 4 Finish

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