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At Pennsylvania Steel, we boast a large selection of steel products and have distributors across the northeast. Two common products we offer are sheet and plate metal. We carry sheet and plate styles in carbon/alloy, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper/brass. A diamond pattern is also available in carbon/alloy, aluminum, and stainless steel. We also carry stainless steel sheeting in both mill finish and polished (#4) one side. If you’re searching for a sheet or plate metal supplier, search for one of our distribution warehouses near you and then contact us to receive a custom quote for your project

What is the Difference Between Sheet Metal and Plate Metal?

Sheet metal is metal formed into thin and flat pieces. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. The thickness is what differentiates sheet metal from plate metal. Sheet metal, like sheet steel, is metal thinner than 6mm but thicker than metal foil which is typically not thicker than 0.2 mm. Plate metal is the thickest sheet metal with a 6mm or greater thickness.

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Uses of Sheet and Plate Metal

Due to their difference in thickness, sheet and plate metal each have different uses. For instance, the thinnest type of sheet metal, foil metal, is often used as aluminum or gold foil and not much more than that. Sheet and plate metal have more uses.


Sheet Metal/ Plate Metal

Diamond Pattern

Contact PA Steel For Sheet Metal and Steel Plate Quotes

We offer a wide range of sheet metal and steel plate styles and materials to choose from for your next project. One of our steel distributors can provide you with a quote and let you know about our delivery and pickup options. We have several locations to choose from, including Bensalem, PA, York, PA, Whitehall, PA, Ashland, VA, Stanley, NC, Long Island, Naugatuck, CT, and Cleveland, OH. Contact us today to receive a custom quote and to learn more.