Carbon &
Alloy Steel

Pennsylvania Steel Company offers a wide range of carbon and alloy steel products in stock at our regional warehouses across Pennsylvania, Ohio, New England, the Southeast, and more. We offer both shipping and pickup options for your convenience. Contact us today to receive a custom carbon and alloy steel quote for your project.

What is Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel?

While every steel is an alloy, they are not all alloy steel. The difference is subtle: both are mixed with other metals, mainly carbon, but alloy steel is a mixture of carbon and other metals. Common additives beyond carbon include magnesium, nickel, and chromium.

Most types of steel have a very low carbon content amounting to 0.05 to 0.3% while carbon steel has a carbon content up to 2.5%. Although 2.5% might not sound significant, it produces advantages not found in other types of steel. For instance, carbon steel is stronger than traditional types of steel. This is why carbon steel is a top choice for producing knives, automotive components, tools, railways, and much more.

On the flip side, it’s important to note that carbon steel is much more prone to rust and corrosion than other types of steel. It’s also more difficult to work with. That’s why it’s important to choose carbon steel for the correct projects so you can have the best possible results.

rolled aluminum
carbon tubing pipes

Properties of
Carbon Steel

In this steel alloy, carbon is the main added element. It comes in three categories; low, medium, and high carbon.

Low Carbon Steel

Is incredibly pliable, easy to work with, and cost-effective. It’s easily weldable and machinable. Low carbon steel works perfectly for projects that don’t have any resistance or strength requirements.

Medium Carbon Steel

Offers more strength and can be cast into various shapes. It is trickier to weld, form and cut.

High Carbon Steel

Is more durable and wear-resistant than other grades. It’s the most difficult steel to work with.

Common Uses of Carbon Steel

Wondering what each type of steel is typically used for? See the chart below to find out.

Low Carbon SteelMedium Carbon SteelHigh Carbon Steel
Food Cans
Car Parts
Structural Support
Pressure Support
Repair Tools
High-strength Steel Wire

Available In

PA Steel offers an extensive inventory with a complete range of low carbon and alloy round bars through 18” diameter. Bars are available in the as-rolled, annealed, or heat-treated condition.

C/F Rounds

1/8” Diameter through 12” Diameter

Alloy Grades – 4140, 41L40, 8620 – Annealed and Heat-Treated, 4340 AMS6415

C/F Flats

1/8” thick through 6” thick 3/16” wide through 20” wide Standard Grade –1018

Alloy Grades – 4140 Heat Treated – DCF Finishes – Cold Drawn, Cold Rolled, Machined

C/F Squares

Squares 1/8” Square through 6” Square Standard Grades – 1018, 1215, 12L14

Alloy Grades – 4140 Annealed

Receive a Custom Quote for Carbon & Alloy Steel

PA Steel has steel warehouses across the northeast including Bensalem, Whitehall and York, PA, as well as Naugatuck, CT, Cleveland, OH, Stanley, NC, Ashland, VA and Bethpage, NY. If you’re in need of a carbon and alloy steel distributor for your next project, please contact us to receive a custom quote and to learn more about our shipping and pick-up options.