Expanded Metal
& Grating

Are you searching for a strong and durable yet lightweight surface for platforms, ramps, or stairs? Pennsylvania Steel offers a wide variety of reliable expanded metal and grating products to meet the requirements of your next project. We have regional steel warehouses across several locations in Pennsylvania, New England, New York, the Southeast, and Ohio. Contact us today to find a distributor near you and to receive a custom quote for the expanded metal and grating materials you need for your next project.

carbon grill pattern scaled

Benefits of Expanded
Metal Grating Features

Expanded metal gratings are popular for industrial, architectural, and commercial applications. This is due to the large number of features that comes with expanded metal grating such as:

Durability – Expanded metal grating is highly durable which is why it’s so popular in industrial settings.

Easy Installation – Installing expanded metal grading doesn’t require welding or

Minimal Maintenance – Our expanded metal grating options are made with strong materials that won’t require much maintenance down the line.

Slip resistance – Expanded metal grating has a high percentage of open area which means there is plenty of space for liquid, water, oil, snow, or debris to easily drain through. As a result, the surface stays dry and clean to help it stay slip-resistant.

Open Surface – The grated design allows more airflow and light to pass through, improving visibility and air quality.

Grate walkway over woods

Expanded Metal
Grating Applications

Expanded metal grating is lightweight, durable, and economical, making it a top choice for many applications. It’s ideal for anywhere a strong and lightweight surface is needed. So where do you most commonly see the use of expanded metal grating? All around you. Some of the top uses of expanded metal grating include:


Sturdy sheet metal stamped or punched into the desired pattern.


We supply high-quality woven metal sheets with various hole diameters and thicknesses.


PA Steel offers quality easy-to-maintain expanded metals to fit specific strength requirements of most industries.

Bar Grating

We offer multiple sturdy, slip-resistant bar gratings.


PA Steel proudly offers Grip Strut®, one of the industries leading grating options.


We also offer fiberglass grating and flooring industries requiring a more anti-corrosive grating.

Contact PA Steel For Expanded Metal and Grating Products

We offer a wide range of expanded metal and grating products available for pickup and delivery from one of our steel distributors. Please contact us online or call your nearest distribution center for a comprehensive list of our expanded metal and grating products. We’re happy to provide you with a custom quote for your next project. Contact us today to get started!