Hot Rolled Steel

Steel comes in a variety of grades, shapes, finishes, and specifications, and at Pennsylvania Steel Company, we offer a wide selection. One of our most popular products is hot rolled steel. Hot rolled steel is what it exactly sounds like, steel that has been rolled at a very high temperature (over 1,700°F). The purpose of rolling steel at such high temperatures is to recrystallize it, making it easier to form into easy-to-work-with products. PA Steel offers a wide array of hot rolled steel sections, including angles, channels, beams, and flat bars.

If you’re searching for hot-rolled steel products in the northeast, PA Steel has many steel distributors for your convenience. We have several locations in Pennsylvania and locations in Bethpage, NY, Naugatuck, CT, Stanley, NC, Ashland, VA, and Cleveland, OH.

What is Hot Rolled Steel?

Hot-rolled steel is created by heating steel to an extremely high temperature where it’s rolled and formed into long thin strips. Heating steel past 1000°F makes it more malleable for shaping. After it’s developed into long strips, it’s cooled with water and formed into coils. Cooling the steel with water helps the steel harden. When it hardens, it shrinks without uniform, which means there is little control over the final size and shape of the finished product. Additionally, hot rolled steel has a scaly finish which can affect the product’s appearance. If that’s of concern, cold-rolled steel might be a better choice. Cold rolled steel has a smooth finish. You can also address the finish of hot rolled steel by using several techniques to remove the scales, such as grinding, pickling, or sand-blasting.
aluminium coil
Stainless steel roll in factory

Benefits of
Hot Rolled Steel

Producing steel this way is cost-effective because it’s easy to shape. Additionally, the cooling process causes little to no internal stress in the metal. Overall, hot-rolled steel is cheaper and easier to make than cold-rolled steel. Due to the lack of control over the finished result, hot rolled steel is most suitable for applications where precise tolerances and shapes aren’t critical. Some of the most common applications of hot rolled steel include:



Grades MQ, A-36


Grades A-36, B16, 1045, 1018, 1117, 1141/44, 4130, 4140, 4150, 4340, 8620, C.Q.


Grades A-36


Grades A-36 and Bar


Grades A-36 in Mise and Structural


Grades A-36 in Wide Flange and Standard

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