Cold Finished Bars

Pennsylvania Steel Company stocks over 6000 tons of Cold Finished flats, rounds, hexes, and squares. Our range of sizes and grades is unmatched in the industry. You can find PA Steel warehouses across the northeast including multiple locations in Pennsylvania, in addition to locations in Naugatuck, CT and Long Island, Cleveland, OH, Ashland, VA, and Stanley, NC. Contact one of our steel warehouses today to receive a custom quote for cold-finished bars.

What is Cold Finished Steel?

Cold finished steel starts exactly as hot rolled steel does; It’s melted down, shaped, and cooled. The main difference between cold-finished steel and hot-finished steel is the final step in the process. Cold finished steel goes through cold drawing and/or grinding, turning, and polishing. Cold drawing improves the steel’s surface imperfections, overall shape, and straightness.


Benefits of Cold Finished Steel

Due to the extra processing, cold finished steel has higher yield points and offers many advantages.

Energy Savings

The cold-drawn process increases the strength of the steel without using expensive heat treatment. The cold draw process combined with easy machinability results in energy savings overall.


The cold finish process naturally produces a much brighter and smoother finish that omits a metallic luster.

Size Accuracy

Unlike hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel produces similar dimensions every single time. As a result, the size is significantly more accurate, preventing over machining the steel down the line.


Cold finished bars come out completely straight due to less machine vibration in the finishing process.

True To Shape

Never second guess whether your cold finished bar has the correct shape. The steel is drawn through precision dies in the finishing process to effectively control the product’s shape.

Mechanical Properties

Cold drawing the steel increases the tensile strength and yield by nearly 10 to 20%. Ductility experiences a slight reduction while hardness increases.


Due to accurate sizes, smooth texture, straightness, and better concentricity, cold finished bars are much better for machinability. They cut not only easier but also cleaner. This can result in a higher product yield and increased tool life.

Better Parts

Defects can easily result in rejected parts after machining. Due to the smoothness and size accuracy of cold finished steel, it can produce higher quality parts than alternative types of steel.

Less Maintenance

With more accurate sizing and straightness, cold-rolled steel causes less strain and issues with machinery. As a result, you won’t require as much machinery maintenance


Uses For
Cold-Finished Bars

Cold rolled steel is ideal for any project that requires precision and accuracy. Some of the most common uses for cold-finished bars include:





1018.15/.20.70/ max-
1045.43/.50.60/.90.040.050 max-
1117.14/.201.00/1.30.040 max.08/.13-
1215.09 max.75/1.05.04/.09 max.26/.35-
12L14.15 max.85/1.15.04/.09 max.26/.35.15/.35
1141.37/.451.35/1.65.040 max08/.13-
1144.40/.481.35/1.65.040 max.24/.33

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