Employee Spotlight: Marc Ciechoski

Marc J. Ciechoski, Driver_0

I started working in the metal industry back in late 2000’s knowing nothing about steel, except that it was heavy, and if you drop it on your foot it hurts. Starting off as a material handler, I learned about the different grades of steel and aluminum. Moving up to a saw operator position, I learned about running various machines, cutting speeds and tolerances: holding tolerances within.005 of an inch.

I stepped out of the metal industry back in 2007 after realizing that being behind a single machine wasn’t for me. I went ahead and obtained my CDL Class A, but with the industry slowdown, finding a driving position that would have me home nightly was hard. 

aluminium coil

In 2008, I found an ad for Pennsylvania Steel, hiring for general warehouse work. When I applied, I was asked if I would be interested in being a backup driver and agreed. With my previous experience, I adapted quickly, pulling material, running the saws, receiving and organizing: doing whatever was needed to help the New England Division grow. When we moved into the new warehouse I continued to work on the floor doing various jobs and also doing deliveries. It was almost like having a new job everyday, which kept me on my toes. Eventually, we grew out of just having three straight trucks and had obtained a tractor trailer. With that, I was doing local deliveries, doing a shuttle run back and forth to Bensalem Pa., and a run up to the hub in Hudson Ma.

Currently, I run a daily shuttle to the Hudson, Ma hub. This supplies the eastern side of MA, as well as New Hampshire and parts of Rhode Island. Every day is something new and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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