Employee Spotlight: John Muldoon


I started my metal career in 1985 after I got out of the Marine Corps in 1985. I have had a very diverse and fulfilling career in this industry. I started as a machinist apprentice at a local machine shop. From there I moved into the supply side of the industry by Joining General Aerospace as an order filler. At that time General was the largest metal distributor on Long Island. 

When they were acquired by Davidson Aluminum in 1994 I was able to move over to the sales side of the business. Moving into sales gave me some insight as to how sales and warehouse functions have to work together, rather than independently. I was fortunate to have so many people with so much experience help me through all of the changes

aluminium coil

In the following 10 years I was caught up in the acquisition phase of our industry. Transtar purchased Davidson aluminum. Then Transtar was purchased by Castle Metals. I moved to Connecticut to work for Castle’s Milford branch.  I was back in the warehouse as the warehouse supervisor. After 5 years at Castle Metals I wanted to go back to a more family orientated distributor. 

In 2009 I went to Metal Connections. None of us had job titles. We just did whatever was needed. Now I am here at Pennsylvania Steel as a loading supervisor. Another family owned business, The journey was worth the destination.

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