Employee Spotlight: Jessica Steed

I started with PA Steel in August of 2005. Fresh out of high school, looking only for supplemental income, I was hired at their entry level receptionist position. Just a few years later, I was promoted to Administrative Assistant of our President, Barry Walsh. In that role, I was fully immersed in the metals industry, helping him oversee and maintain the local MSCI organization, as well as handling the sales needs of our distributor accounts. This introduction into sales helped pave the way for my next big move: Inside Sales.

In 2008, at the height of the market crash, I was promoted to the position of Inside Sales. Joe Dombrowski, Sr. and I had a running joke–anytime he was in the office I would beg and plead for a Southern branch, and insisted if he ever opened one, I needed to be the first person to move.

aluminium coil

As a Florida native, it didn’t matter what I did, just that it was always my goal to return to the south and avoid the harsh winters of the north. Little did I know, 10 years down the road, we’d grow from two branches to seven, one of which would be my future home.

When offered the chance to move and take on a challenging new position, I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back since. As the first Inside Sales Manager for the Richmond location, I am excited to help this branch grow, help the company delve into a new market, as well as make new friends and connections in the process.

I am a Yankee in spirit, southern at heart, and ready to infuse the two to take this branch to the next level!

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