I started my metal career at Davidson Aluminum in 1995.  I was hired for the shipping and receiving department, where I was responsible for shippers and certifications.  I stayed with Davidson until they closed their doors in 1999. I was offered a similar position at Transtar Metals, who had purchased one of the Davidson companies. I stayed with them until they relocated to Connecticut.  Afterwards, I moved on to work for New England Motor Freight, where I gained experience in trucking for a few years.  

In 2006 I received a call from John and Joe from Metal Connections asking me to join their team/family. I had previously worked with both of them at Davidson Aluminum. There, I took on a role in the shipping department. Little by little they taught me the sales end of the metal business. It took a while to gather the confidence and knowledge required to be in sales, due to the fact that I had worked primarily in the warehouse. I was surprised by how much I knew about metal and the time and effort it takes to process the material.  Through trial and error, I learned my sales skills, of which I am proud of. 

In 2012, Pennsylvania Steel Company, Inc. purchased Metal Connections. John had spoken to us before he sold the business and explained that by joining a bigger, family owned company, we would have more opportunity and security in the future. I decided to join a bigger team/family which I am happy to be part of.  As the senior sales person in Long Island, I get to be a part of the challenge and opportunity to help build a company that will last a long time. I hope to continue to be able to represent and call Pennsylvania Steel my home for many years.      



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